Date: Wed, 01/20/2016

Event Location: Webinar – Duration: 60 minutes (including audience Q&A)

Improving Software Development Productivity Minute-by-Minute

Everyone seems to want more software developed and produced faster. Yet simply ramping up the number of individuals able to produce software is not sufficient; it is also important to improve the productivity of the software developers. But, what is software development productivity anyway? When do software developers consider themselves productive? What friction exists in software development that lowers productivity? In this talk, Gail Murphy will discuss recent studies about software development productivity from the eyes of developers and will suggest directions to improve software development productivity based on the daily activities of software developers. This talk includes joint work with T. Fritz (U. Zürich), A. Meyer (U. Zürich) and T. Zimmermann (Microsoft Research).

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Gail C. MurphyTasktop Technologies and University of British Columbia
Gail C. Murphy is co-founder and Chief Scientist at Tasktop Technologies Inc. She is also a Professor (Computer Science) and Associate Dean (Research & Grad) in the Faculty of Science at UBC. Her research interests are in improving the productivity of software developers and knowledge workers by giving them tools to identify, manage and coordinate the information that really matters for their work.

In recognition of her research, Gail has been a keynote speaker at several software engineering conferences. She has received international awards, such as the AITO Dahl-Nygaard Junior Prize, a University of Washington College of Engineering Diamond Award, and an ACM Distinguished Scientist award. Her national awards include the NSERC Steacie fellowship. Most notably, Gail was elected to be a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Improving Software Development Productivity Minute-by-Minute