Date: Tue, 01/19/2016

Event Location: Webinar

CIPS Ontario Presents: “Audit/Risk and Compliance in the IT World” (Mississauga, Ontario. Jan 19 – 5pm CT

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There are significant challenges in ensuring the ongoing well‐being of any Organization. These challenges are further complicated due to the significant pace of change in technology, poor or no knowledge transfer, ability to retain key staff and the ensuing skills gaps. Throw into the mix global disruptive businesses/technologies, competition and cyber security threats and the problem get compounded. Are we approaching these problems in a sensible manner that take into account all the issues above and many more? Or do we continue to do what we have always done with some incremental changes? Is that approach going to ensure our well‐being and ensure our competitiveness and security? Evidence suggests that we could and must do a lot better. We need to re‐think our approach. The good news is that it can be done. You will hear from someone who has led in this field in the global environment and has dealt with complex issues. He continues to innovate in this area.

About the speaker – Bashir Fancy Bashir Fancy is the Managing Director, Corporation Solutions & Services Inc., providing Risk Management, Governance, Security, Operations, IT consulting services and Internal Audit globally. He is also the current Chairman of Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) –National Board. CIPS was formed 58 years ago to oversee IT Industry in Canada and in fact represents Canada in the world on IT Matters and has the backing of the legislation. He also is the Vice President of CIPS Ontario.

Audit/Risk and Compliance in the IT World