Date: Tue, 05/02/2017

Event Location: The Norwood Hotel,112 Marion Street, Winnipeg, MB.

Hyper-Cannibalism – Why Competition is for Losers (and Survivalists)

Disruption is the new norm. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that the cycles of disruption is frightening. To remain significant, companies will have to adopt this philosophy of “Hyper Cannibalism”. Strategy is no longer played out the marketplace – market competition is for losers. Today, the game is played within your organization – organizational competition is for survivalists. Hyper cannibalism requires you to build competitive teams that will fail as quickly as possible to build products, services or experiences. Eventually, you will find a hit that will destroy what’s working today in order to build a new, brighter future. Competition and chaos are encouraged within a safe environment, while failure is praised and incentivized. This is all predicated on the notion that running experiments have become cheaper and faster than ever before. The introduction of hyper-cannibalism will be the responsible for exponential progress and instability in ways that are unforeseeable.

Speaker: Shawn Kanungo

Shawn Kanungo is a sought-after keynote speaker and  strategist. Over the past decade with Deloitte, he has been  recognized nationally and globally for his work in the  innovation space. Shawn works with corporate executives to  better understand and plan for the opportunities and threats  associated with disruptive innovation. Shawn’s focus is on understanding disruptive technologies, business models and broader disruptive trends on Deloitte’s clients and on Deloitte core businesses. . He is on the ground floor helping private and public sector  organizations adopt new technologies and business models  for the digital age. In 2016, he was recognized as Avenue Magazine’s Top 40  Under 40. He is currently co-host of The Dip, a podcast  focused on strategy, marketing and innovation – available on  iTunes and Google Play.

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Location: The Norwood Hotel,112 Marion Street, Winnipeg, MB.

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Hyper-Cannibalism – Why Competition is for Losers (and Survivalists) (Luncheon)